Magnetic Spice Jar

Color: 2 pc

  • Color: Magnetic Spice Jar
Our magnetic force can bear the weight of a can of screws (about 0.88 pounds). The inside of the jar is very clean. Each metal container is carefully selected and inspected before it can be held in hand. The bottom is magnetically enhanced, the top is transparent, and each cover has a sieving and dumping design. Metal containers are also suitable for belts, paper clips and other small objects. The size of a pot is D2.56 x H1.8in.
  • Stainless steel seasoning pot, safety edge roll, cold processing and grinding in 120 seasoning label pots
  • The entire product line is made of food grade stainless steel. Magnetic seasoning pots can be a good way to solve the problem of kitchen space.
  • The top of the product lid is made of transparent PET. It is easy to identify the spices in the small POTS
  • There is also a magnet at the bottom of the jar, which can be connected to refrigerators, garages and other metal surfaces. This is a cool way to store content.
  • The jar can also be used in your kitchen or home office to store and organize art and handicrafts, rubber bands, screws, paper clips and other small objects. The size of each jar is 2.56 inches (diameter) x 1.8 inches ( Hours), the capacity is 3 ounces.

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